Long-term rental of holiday homes is an easy, quick, and inexpensive way for construction companies to obtain temporary accommodation for their staff. We provide holiday homes throughout Europe and many years of experience in working with construction companies.

When construction companies receive a project in a part of the country, which is too far away to commute daily, they require longer-term accommodation close to the construction site.

In this regard, renting one or more holiday homes are a suitable option. The advantage is that furnishing, sanitary facilities, as well as connections for water and electricity are already provided. Further, a well-developed infrastructure offers easy supply, as supermarkets are located nearby. In addition, the comfort offered by the holiday homes entails a higher recreational value after an exhausting working day.

Many years of experience in long-term rental

As an intermediary for private vacation rentals within Europe, we have many years of experience in providing long-term lodging for employees of construction companies. The long-term rental of one or more holiday homes near the building site is an efficient and inexpensive form of accommodation.

Book up to 5 weeks directly online

You can conveniently book our vacation rentals online for up to 5 weeks. If you require a rental period longer than 5 weeks or if you have any special requests, please contact us and we will find a suitable price- / performance package that meets your individual needs.

We are happy to make a customised solution for you. Call us on Tel. 0800 4450447 or send us an email at info@feline-holidays.de for a non-binding proposal.


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